Performance Management

Performance Management


quotes - pmWe live in an ‘ouctome driven’  age: clients, funders and donors want to know that your organization makes a difference before they commit.  Unfortunately, the majority of teams facing this new scrutiny have yet to provide the required evidence.  No organizations are exempt as stakeholders push for:

  • increased accountability – to ensure that their agencies are responsive and rsponsible to the customer or stakeholder commuities that are being served and/or are paying the bills
  • a focus on outcomes – to ensure that programs, services and other investments are oriented towards the ends or results that are most important … not obsessed with traditional means or activities that may not be doing the job at all
  • enhanced efficiency and effectiveness – to ensure that scarce resources are invested in the most important areas and used as productively as possible.

RETHINK can help:

  • define the visionary and intermediate outcomes desired and drive them down into the organization, making them meaningful to each staff and volunteer team
  • build logic models that connect core business activities to these outcomes and identify the indicators that will be used to measure contribution – for the entire organization, for each unit or department, and for each corporate strategic priority
  • develop performance measurement tools and procedures that are cost effective and easily implemented within your budget and cultural framework
  • identify ‘evidence based’ best practices and install a Kaizen philosophy of constant improvement
  • build a ‘results philosophy’ into your organizational culture and way of doing business – job descritpions, management evaluation, marketing, reporting.

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