Change Leadership



12775765_lRETHINK constantly surveys the literature on change processes and transition leadership; testing this newest thinking in real situations with our client organizations.  We have identified the critical ingredients of successful organizational change processes that work – the success factors!

Our change leadership model supports those who live to achieve the vision or potential of their organization, have the courage to ‘barrier bust’ and remove contraints to change, and want to develop their ability to see and build on possibilities to create a prefered future in the present.

All of our planning processes include transition management components.  In addition, we offer the following support to your change challenge:

  • TRENDSCANS – based on 30 years of trend watching, we can access information that will help you see future possibilities and threats clearly.  We have published two trendscan newsletters and host Foresight
  • VISIONING to involve key stakeholders in the creative process of defining a prefered future for your organization – one that does not have to be ‘sold’ because it was invented by those who have to implement it
  • LEADERSHIP TRAINING – helping your management team appreciate the subtleties and challenges involved in supporting their teams through significant transitions – providing the perspectives, skills and tools required
  • DESIGNING A CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCESS that will mobilitze those who are ready and respect those that need more time
  • COACHING and MENTORING your organization through turbulent times.

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