Making GREAT PLANS Soar!

19513972_lRETHINK has assisted over 300 organizations during critical planning activities.   We have matured with the field:  experiencing PPBS, MBO, MBR, MOR, ZBB, Re-Engineering, and Business Planning.   We develop a customized planning process that fits your culture and supports what’s next for your organization.  We believe that great plans:

  • are driven by a commitment to potential and excellence
  • are rooted in organizational realities – they recognize the ‘starting point’
  • are integrated with other critical planning functions – upstream market research, stakeholder feedback, environmental scans, etc. and downstream operational planning, capital plans, financial plans, resourcing/fund development plans
  • recognize both the need to address current issues and the requirement to reposition in anticipation of tomorrow’s threats and opportunities
  • focus on the critical few challenges AND the need for constant, incremental improvement in every facet of the organization’s productive work
  • are integrated with essential and complementary management functions – annual goal setting, budgeting, performance appraisal, recognition, communications
  • are understood by all staff and ‘owned’ by the leadership team
  • lead to, in fact nurture, strategic decision-making throughout the organization, and
  • develop a constructive intolerance for, and willingness to address any barriers to progress and success.

RETHINK is committed to customized approaches that lead beyond strategic planning, beyond strategic management, toward true strategic leadership.

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