• Making GREAT IDEAS Soar!

    RETHINK helps your team develop the GREAT IDEA that will move your organization forward—and assists you to successfully operationalize it, making it soar as your new reality. Some ideas look great on paper, but simply don’t fly. RETHINK… Read More

Strategy, Planning or Leadership?

The imaginary lines we have drawn between strategy, planning and leadership have blurred.   Planning processes are increasingly seen as brief but critical opportunities for leadership teams to revisit vision, strategy and focus.  The plan intent is to empower key individuals and groups to see, grasp and build on possibilities to create the desired future/vision in the present.  The process will also have identified barriers, blocks or systemic challenges; and all stakeholders are challenged to consciously adjust the organizational culture and environment so that the difficult becomes possible.  The plan identifies clearly what must be changed if the vision is to be realized and puts transition systems in place. Learn More

Book: Leisure

RETHINKING Leisure Services is a provocative look at the future of the leisure industries, focused on five ‘game changers’ and their implications for local government services in particular.  The logic combines the game changers to craft realistic scenarios… Read More

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Our book, RETHINKING Governance is a board self-assessment tool that explores five essential competencies: Fiduciary Relationships Strategic Leadership Stewardship and Sustainability Performance Assurance Governance Policy and Process. Practice Guidelines are identified for each of the competencies.  Each Practice… Read More

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Our Fundraising Audit Handbook summarizes current fund development best practice; based on professional competency frameworks, training programs, books, papers and presentations.  It presents consensus on how best to go about the the business of supporting philanthropy. For more information, or to… Read More

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