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RETHINK (West) Inc. operates at the strategic apex of your organization.  We help you excel in each of the following organizational core competency areas: developing effective GOVERNANCE creating GREAT PLANS crafting COMMUNICATIONS strategies advancing FUND DEVELOPMENT managing PERFORMANCE, and nurturing CHANGE LEADERSHIP. Our contributions have the greatest impact when an organization is prepared to challenge [...]

Our Client Focus

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For over thirty years, RETHINK (West) Inc. has focused on three target markets: the voluntary sector local government, and universities. Our value to an individual client is often rooted in the comprehensive view of ‘community’ that emerges from work based on these three perspectives.  Concepts and practices in one market segment are often applicable to the others, [...]

About Us

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RETHINK (West) Inc. nurtures visionary and strategic leadership.  We join and augment your team at those critical moments when you have chosen to review, rethink and renew.   We help you identify key challenges and opportunities, determine optimal strategic response, and move forward with confidence.  Our knowledge, facilitation and coaching skills strengthen your ability to be [...]

Strategy, Planning or Leadership?

The imaginary lines we have drawn between strategy, planning and leadership have blurred.   Planning processes are increasingly seen as brief but critical opportunities for leadership teams to revisit vision, strategy and focus.  The plan intent is to empower key individuals and groups to see, grasp and build on possibilities to create the desired future/vision in the present.  The process will also have identified barriers, blocks or systemic challenges; and all stakeholders are challenged to consciously adjust the organizational culture and environment so that the difficult becomes possible.  The plan identifies clearly what must be changed if the vision is to be realized and puts transition systems in place. Our organizations are becoming adept at knowing what they want; we have all created dynamic visions describing what success would look like and the ultimate difference we want to make.  What we most need are leaders who will ONLY accept achievement of that vision and demand... 

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Service Excellence

RETHINK has supported the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association in developing a process and tool to define, monitor and recognize outstanding performance in organizations committed to recreation, parks, sports, arts, culture and community building.  The Service Excellence Program is guided by three goals: to support constant improvement in the quality of recreation and parks services tor promote commitment to emerging best practices, and to build stakeholder confidence in recreation... 



Do you need easy access to trend information about the leisure industries – recreation, fitness, sports, arts, culture, tourism, parks?  If so, check this out: The Foresight blog is but the first step towards creation of a vital, engaging and sustainable online platform to facilitate: access to trend information awareness and discussion about predictions and prescriptions ongoing strategic dialogue about what this means for the future... 

FD Book

Fundraising Book

Our Fundraising Audit Handbook summarizes current fund development best practice; based on professional competency frameworks, training programs, books, papers and presentations.  It presents consensus on how best to go about the the business of supporting philanthropy. For more information, or to order, follow the link to the Civil Sector Press (Hilborn Group):  Read More